Racha Tarazi pushes design norms to challenge us to connect and collaborate as our most authentic selves. She experiments with physical and virtual spaces, material objects, and new media to customize environments and develop experiences that prompt deeper interaction. Often, she uses exaggeration, humor, and play to build the trust necessary to explore and create from a pure place. Currently based in Amsterdam and Amman, where she builds on her Architecture Degree and her MFA in Design and Technology from New York’s Parsons School of Design, Racha works as an Experience and Product Designer, Creative Director, Architect, and Conceptual artist.

Racha’s career includes work for a spectrum of industry innovators, and ownership of her own design shops. She co-founded Syntax Design in 2000, then moved to New Media in New York. While in Manhattan, she worked as an Interaction Designer for the award-winning digital agency R/GA in New York and London and taught digital design at Parsons.

Seeing the value of connection across cultures, Racha went independent as an Experience Design consultant and built new brands between New York, Dubai, and across Jordan. She founded M-E Living Amman, the first boutique-designed store with a gallery atmosphere, and she creatively led DI, a design studio responsible for the upgrade of the Jordan National Museum. As an artist, Racha's work interrogates the purpose and function of public spaces, specifically examining how people connect with the spaces they inhabit, and how they connect with other people in them. As always, her objective is to evolve our experiences existing spaces and spin new narratives out of daily life.

2022   Amsterdam: My Dinner: Art installtion & Food Experience | Selected by Mediamatic, "Penny for your Thoughts" Presentations
2020   Amman: The Housing Bank Flagship Experience | Branding, Experience Design, UI-UX/Content, Build
2019   Amman: The Jordan Museum | Branding, Research, Experience Design, Content, Build
2018   Amman: The Amman Design Week “Deconstructing a Tree House”
2015   Amman: IB Law Head Office | Strategy, Interior Design, Project Supervision
2014   Milan: A Award, “The Amman Light”
2013   Milan: A Award, “The Fig Leaves Collection”
2013   Amman: Design Now at the Jordan National Gallery, “The Fig Leaves Collection”
2011   Amman: The Fig Leaves Collection Show, at the Wine Makers Place Gallery
2010   Amman: “Change by Design“ An Exhibition of Unique Products Directed & Curated by Racha Tarazi
2006  London: R/GA:  Nokia Global Multichannel Experiences 
2005   New York: R/GA:  Nike Running, Verizon, Nokia Multichannel Experiences              
2003   New York: Parsons School of Design “Disconnected - Reconnected: Play in the Office Space Installation”
2000   Hannover: “The Story of the Village of Dana”; part of the Jordanian Pavilion